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At bharathiya vidhya bhavan koyilandy, we strongly believe that the educational experience should be stimulating and challenging, but above all, the child must feel happy and secure. Constructive & Focused Play with respect to a scientific curriculum is the method by which a young child learns. The school believes in the holistic development of children. Since its inception the institution has strived to achieve this goal. Through hard work and utmost devotion, the teaching and non-teaching staff of the kindergarten section ensures that each child learns through active participation and develops all the motor skills. The few hours that the child spends at school unleashes his/her creativity and innate skills in a free and spirited way. The school primarily aims at building social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills of a child. School begins with an assembly in which the prayer, pledge, exercise and meditation form the integral part. Children are encouraged to speak on a topic of their choice. This not only enriches their vocabulary but also builds their confidence. Rhymes, stories and topics that enhance general knowledge are introduced regularly. Puppet shows and dramatization enlivens the learning process.